Hilterapia laser: what it is and prices

Hilterapia laser: what it is and prices

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Hilterapia, a laser therapy that is often proposed for treat pathologies, from overload, traumatic or degenerative involving muscle, tendon and joint structures located in depth. There are conflicting opinions on its effectiveness, so it is better to learn what it is and contact a doctor to see if it is right for us.

Hilterapia: what it is

Hilterapia is innovative and uses a pulsed emission laser to treat all inflammatory states, even the deep ones. Safely, he manages to reduce pain allowing a fairly fast recovery of mobility.

Already from the first application of this therapy, you feel the benefits, even if it depends on the motivation for which you are applying it. The results are less immediate, for example, when it comes to deep degenerative diseases, like thearthrosis, which are however successfully treated. There are also cases where hilterapia falls within protocols aimed at regeneration of articular cartilage, a recent novelty that bodes well.

Laser hilterapia

The Laser is at the center of this therapy and is associated with a very advanced protocol from a technical point of view that it manages to carry high energy doses in depth, without causing any damage to the tissues. This means getting to act on up to now intractable pathologies with traditional laser therapy. The laser used is usually pulsed, emits one light with a wavelength within the infrared and differs from common lasers for its ability to act in depth.

The laser also intervenes on presbyopia, but it is a whole other story that you can read here

Hilterapia: prices

The appliances to carry out the hilterapia they cost a lot, they can even reach 500 euros, as regards the sessions and treatment sessions, it is better to inquire at the centers offering this protocol in your city or nearest location. Prices too low, must make us suspicious.

Hilterapia: opinions

There is no lack of perplexities about the use of lasers for treatment, in the medical field the opinions are often very different and it is difficult to identify a therapy that is unanimously appreciated by the scientific community. To date the hilterapia however, it is considered useful for the treatment of many painful pathologies on a degenerative basis and diseases affecting the tendons.

For bruises, muscle injuries and contractures okay, initially after a single session, the effect can last from 4 to 72 hours, continuing to cancel the pain and recover mobility.

Hilterapia: specialized centers

If we decide to try the hilterapia, let's talk with our doctor or with the specialist we are already addressing, both to understand if it can be useful in our specific case, and to ask us to suggest specialized centers who use quality equipment.

The impulses used must have very high peak powers, of short duration and distant from each other in order to be able to intervene on the deep tissues producing a analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

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