Green Economy and work

Green Economy and work

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From Disaster Manager (a figure that floods and earthquakes unfortunately make it necessary in Italy) toEcowedding Planner, for those who want to organize weddings while saving costs and reducing waste. And the list could go on, because there are actually many new professions in the green economy, which are in addition to the traditional skill jobs in the sector renewable energies.

According to a recent report on the Green Economy presented by Unioncamera is Symbola Foundation (we talked about it in a previous article), 55,000 jobs have already been created by the green economy. Not onlygreen jobs, but a total of 142,000 new hires, of which 108,000 non-seasonal.

Among the sectors that offer new job opportunities, one of the most intriguing is that linked in some way to the prospect of smart city (which actually involves several sectors, from IT to home automation ...), the new 'smart city ' which, tighten tightly, means the possibility of living better by consuming fewer resources.

Another very interesting sector is that of waste, in particular of reuse of waste. The waste, more and more often, thanks to a powerful mix of creativity and new technologies, can abound its status not only to re-become what it was before (recycling), but also to transform itself into something completely new (a product or a work of art), or conclude its life cycle by returning to nature (composting for example).

We will talk at length about work in a green economy EOS - Exposition of Sustainability, the sustainability exhibition scheduled in Udine in the exhibition center from 17 to 19 May. It is the first edition of this event, centered on the theme of carbon footprint as a concrete metric of sustainability.

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