Heavy legs, natural remedies

Heavy legs, natural remedies

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Heavy legs: from nutrition to specific exercises, here are some useful motorcycle tips to relieve heaviness in the legs.

Feeling swollen, heavy legs is a condition that can occur every time we have to make efforts, such as walking carrying a weight, climbing many flights of stairs, playing sports ... Not everyone knows that the feeling of heaviness in the legs does not depend on poor work out. The causes can be traced back to poor blood circulation.

When the leg muscles do not receive the adequate amount of blood, the necessary oxygen does not arrive to be able to fully perform the required work. The tissues of the legs become inflamed due to the presence of toxins, water accumulates and the venous return capacity decreases. The legs become heavy as a result. What to do then when the legs are heavy?

Heavy legs, natural remedies

First of all, we want to emphasize the importance of contacting your doctor so that this discomfort does not depend on pathophysiological factors. Once this is clarified, we can give you some indications to relieve this frequent and annoying pain.

Nutrition: what to eliminate

As you know, nutrition is essential to purify or, vice versa, accumulate toxins, if you have a symptom such as swelling of the legs, it means that you are not doing something well since your tissues are damaged and debilitated. This accumulation of liquids depends on this, the toxins concentrate in the intestinal lining causing stomach diseases and acidifying the blood. For this reason, remember to drastically reduce the following products from your daily diet:

  • Salty products
  • Refined products, fried or highly seasoned
  • Vinegars and mustards
  • Products made with refined flours
  • Foods with a lot of sugar
  • Red meats
  • Cow's milk and derivatives.

Purifying diet against heavy legs

It is necessary to change your diet, orienting it first of all to purify your body to eliminate those waste materials that prevent you from balancing your organs and systems. How can you purify the body?

  • For at least a week try to drink at least three liters of water a day
  • Start the day by drinking lemon juice
  • Breakfast: Oat milk and an apple
  • Lunch: soup made with some vegetables: pumpkin, courgettes ... a salad with tomato and kefir cheese. Baked eggplant and a bunch of grapes as fruit
  • Dinner: grated carrots with lemon juice and beetroot slices, a wholemeal toast, baked salmon and two slices of pineapple as fruit. During this week of purification, try to include water, apples, grapes every day.

Physical activity to avoid heaviness in the legs

Good circulation is very important in order to ensure the proper functioning of the whole body. You must think that by leading a sedentary life your veins become fragile and the organs stop working as they should, the blood stops circulating properly and all this makes you feel tired and causes the accumulation of fluids.

How to avoid all this? Dedicating at least one hour a day to doing physical exercises. It is true that sometimes it is difficult to devote time to this type of activity, but the body suffers and you should listen to it.

So how about walking briskly for at least half an hour and then going to the pool? Swimming is one of the best options for health, as is climbing stairs and cycling. All this makes the veins stronger and more efficient.

Rest your legs

Whenever possible, when you find a few minutes during the day, put your legs up or on a chair or against a wall; in this way, blood and fluids can flow correctly without stopping in the lower extremities.

Massages are also perfect for this type of ailment, especially with almond or olive oil. Shower baths with warm water and sea salt are also good for relieving swelling and heaviness.

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