Remedies for bad intimate odors

Remedies for bad intimate odors

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Remedies for bad intimate smells: tips for him and her to solve the problem of unpleasant odor that can threaten the intimate areas of the body.

THE intimate bad smells are a difficult question to deal with, just think if your partner had such a problem on a first date! Fortunately, there are remedies that are easy to implement. It is clear that at the base there must be healthy and correct hygiene.

Men and women are embarrassed to ask their doctorremediesto bad intimate smellsand it is sometimes difficult to understand when it comes to anormal smelland when, however, it is a bad smell. It is normal for the genital areas to be characterized by a very peculiar smell. Every woman has her vaginal odor just as every man has personal intimate odors influenced by different factors.

Furthermore, the intimate odor can change at different stages of life. The intimate odor, in pregnancy, can undergo alterations due to hormonal changes that increase vaginal secretions.

If the bad intimate odor is associated with burning, irritation or itching, it is necessary to consult your doctor.

On this page we will see the remedies for bad smells in the genital areas. For other unpleasant intimate smells, please refer to the pages:remedies for bad breath, such as fighting sweat.

Remedies for unpleasant intimate odors: nutrition

Know that everything you eat can have an impactpleasant orunpleasanton the smell of your intimate areas. That said, there are other things to consider, first of all, hygiene!

Statistically, intimate female odors are often associated with vaginal infections while male intimate odors are more often linked to poor hygiene. Putting aside infections and pathophysiological situations, we return to the impact that nutrition has on the smell of the private parts.

Intimate smells are penalized by a diet rich in red meats and dairy products which have a negative impact especially on the glands located in the female genital area. For men and women, food can cause an unpleasant smellhealthylike garlic and broccoli. Smoking and alcohol should be strictly avoided as they can give the intimate areas a particularly pungent odor.

Here is the good news: fruit, especially citrus fruits, pineapple, watermelon, strawberry and banana, help improve the smell of your private parts. Spices such as ginger and cinnamon can also help make your private parts smell more pleasant. Do not hesitate to fill up on these foods in view of an appointment and if you go out for dinner, for dessert… a nice fruit salad!

Remedies for bad intimate odors: personal hygiene

As stated, at the base there must be a healthy and correct intimate hygiene. Intimate hygiene reduces the risk of infections and one must be careful not to overdo it or with poor hygiene.

Wash your genital area twice a day. One with only warm water and one with the addition of a natural intimate soap. During the shower, avoid washing the intimate areas with the classic shower gel: this soap is highly alkaline and very aggressive for the genital area. The ideal would be to use a natural intimate wash, free of soap, dyes or perfumes.

Avoid wearing underwear made of synthetic fabrics. Elastic synthetic fabrics can increase the risk of bad odors in both men and women. Particularly tight briefs or boxers (as they are worn today especially among boys) increase the humidity in the intimate areas and increase the chances of contracting infections. Choose natural materials and avoid linen that is too tight for prolonged times.

Use uncolored toilet paper to avoid irritation. Never use perfumes or deodorants in your intimate areas in order to improve the smell: you could cause a reverse reaction!

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