Extra virgin olive oil, everything you need to know

Extra virgin olive oil, everything you need to know

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L'extra virgin olive oil it is a food product with great health benefits; it can be considered the best condiment both raw and for all types of cooking, including fried or fried, thanks to its chemical structure which makes it stable to heat. Seed oils are often advertised that would guarantee "light" frying, but this has no comparison with reality! Contains polyunsaturated fatty acids in large proportions, polyphenols and vitamin E with antioxidant action that slow down cell aging. But the properties are innumerable.

Extra virgin olive oil, property

  • Recent studies have confirmed its effectiveness against cholesterol: it reduces the excess of the bad one, while it favors the formation of the "good" one, cleaning the arteries of any arteriosclerotic plaques and LDL itself.
  • Thanks to the presence of fatty acids and anti-aging vitamins, extra virgin olive oil would be able to fight free radicals, believed to be responsible for skin aging
  • According to experts, it would also facilitate liver activity and regulate intestinal activity
  • It also seems to reduce the risks of gastric and duodenal ulcers and would also have a protective effect against the formation of gallstones
  • As reported by various scientific studies, it seems that extra virgin olive oil is able to reduce some types of cancer, primarily breast cancer
  • It would decrease the chance of heart attack by about 30% and lower blood pressure

Extra virgin olive oil, digestibility
Studies on extra virgin olive oil would have confirmed its high digestibility: the only 100% digestible, unlike other oils such as 85% digestible sunflower seeds, 80% peanut oil and 36% corn seeds.

Extra virgin olive oil, uses in the kitchen
In addition to being an excellent condiment,extra virgin olive oil it is used to preserve vegetables, with the advantage of being able to benefit from a lot of vegetables throughout the year: in this regard it is necessary that the foods are completely immersed in oil and that, before immersing them, there is an adequate treatment depending on the type of food

Nutritional information: it is good to limit the daily amount since from a caloric point of view it is the same as other oils. 10 grams in fact contain about 90 kilocalories. It is recommended not to exceed 30 40 grams per day.

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