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Blue economy 2.0

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Blue Economy 2.0, it is not the name of a spaceship nor a magic formula. What is it about? It is first and foremost the title of the book by Gunter Pauli published by Ambiente editions and it could be a non-magical formula but rather pragmatic and already applied by some good visionaries to save the world. The blue sky, Blue Economy.

If the fear is to find yourself in front of a "philosophical" or too technical volume, which it embroiders around the English title that sounds good - Blue Economy - we can calm down. Together with Pauli the facts and what happened to those who followed him in his "Blue Economy 2.0 strategy ". Its pages contain the concreteness and credibility of 200 projects implemented, for a total of 4 billion dollars invested in the name of the Blue Economy and 3 million new jobs created thanks to Blue Economy.

Referring to the very clear and comfortable, and ecological, pages of the Ambiente edition, the in-depth and detailed explanations of what is meant by Blue Economy 2.0 we can begin to trace the guiding principles. This "blue" economy - I leave to the reader the surprise of understanding the chosen color - is centered onimitation of ecosystems and the circularity of material flows.

Circular economy? Also but not only! Blue Economy 2.0 it is much more and it is something that thousands of entrepreneurs have drawn on in the last 20 years. It is not a territorial or overseas fashion, the projects described in this come from all over the world "Blue Economy 2.0“, Because beyond the basic culture and the land in which they grew up, just as many and even more entrepreneurs have implemented new ideas. In a chain they are generated millions of new jobs.

Said thus it would seem a multiplication of the loaves and fishes, but in the book they are there real examples and beautiful stories to read and also wanting to verify and, why not, imitate.

Furthermore, the new 2015 edition is entirely revised and updated: it takes up a "classic" of the science of sustainability up to the most updated results of the Blue Economy 2.0. And then looking ahead, towards even more exciting prospects. Obviously exciting for those willing to bet on Pauli's words and to follow one of the many "gentlemen in blue" told, with confidence. And courage.

Without bitterness or resentment but with the awareness of how memory and sincerity about the present are the basis of a better and greener future among the pages of Gunter Pauli there is no shortage of complaints about how we throw hundreds of tons of titanium every year, extracted in mines on the other side of the world and processed at very high temperatures with enormous energy and environmental costs.

You are not serene even drinking a coffee, here too the author of Blue Economy 2.0 to remind us that when we drink it we value only a minimal fraction of the biomass from which it was produced. The rest, straight into garbage, to produce greenhouse gases and damage the soils. Other examples of No- Blue Economy 2.0 in drinking water and in our cutting down millions of trees to meet our paper needs.

We need a turning point, deep, blue and 2.0.

For those who want to experiment, experiment, get to know this better Blue Economy and discover the news in projects and investments, here is the updated volume of Edizioni Ambiente - "Blue economy 2.0" available online on Amazon , also excellent for making new resolutions for the new year with conscience.

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