Garden furniture, how to choose

Garden furniture, how to choose

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Let's try to give some tips for the choice of garden furniture. Wood, metal or plastic? Given personal tastes, each material has indications and contraindications. However, leaving the way open to many solutions, including 'composite'.

The basic rule is that just as you choose a style for your home, so should you outdoor furniture. The garden or terrace, for those lucky enough to have them, are not 'minor spaces' where you can put whatever comes your way. Indeed, they are an important part of the house and give it personality and character.

Garden furniture: the materials

We said about wood, metal and plastic materials, which are the three great 'families' and which today can be found in variants suitable for all needs and budgets. Wood, and we also use rattan, is probably the most suitable material in the gardens of houses in the countryside and in the mountains. Also for the garden furniture wood is good for the sea, but focusing on teak or varnished wood given the climate.

If by metal we mean wrought iron, then the setting is easy because this solution fits everywhere. Especially if the design is linear and if the iron is painted in gray or black. More difficult to place well the wrought iron benches, tables and chairs with elaborate design: usually these pieces make a good impression only in historical and very elegant environments.

The garden furniture aluminum or mirrored or colored metal are more suitable in the city and look good in young gardens. Even the second home by the sea can be the right, cheerful and practical setting.

Plastic is the least 'noble' solution. Why let's face it: even when they are expensive and of good design, as in the case of poly rattan (synthetic rattan), plastic garden furniture retains a low-level look. However, they are to be taken into consideration and are the best solution in very rainy areas or areas affected by brackish winds.

Something interesting, especially from a price point of view, can also be bought online. Like this complete set of rattan style garden furniture

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