Solar tiles or photovoltaic roof?

Solar tiles or photovoltaic roof?

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Thesolar roof tilesprovide an alternative to classic photovoltaic panels. Thesolar roof tilesthey are thinner, lighter and add a touch of elegance to the roof of the house.

Thesolar roof tilesthey are easy to install and are as durable as a traditional photovoltaic roof. The market offers different types ofsolar roof tileswith different technologies and designs.

  • Solar tiles with silicon photovoltaic module

Most of solar roof tiles it uses the same photovoltaic cells seen on conventional panels. In this case, the tiles contain integrated silicon cells and are suitable for installation in areas with high landscape value.

  • Solar tiles thin film

Thin-film photovoltaic tiles are characterized by a reactive film to solar radiation. The thin film solar shingles have more affordable prices than shingles with silicon photovoltaic module, they are also installed more easily but on the other hand have a lower efficiency. In this case the tile it is not born with integrated modules, more simply, after production, a photovoltaic film composed of a mixture of CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) is installed.

  • Photovoltaic roofing

Theresolar tileit is not the only type of photovoltaic roof. Of strong aesthetic value we point out the photovoltaic adhesive tapes in amorphous silicon. It is aboutroofing systemsdata from double-seamed aluminum strips that become the ideal housing for the photovoltaic cells that thus integrate perfectly into the building structure.

Better a photovoltaic system or solar tiles?

If you are considering installing a photovoltaic roof and you are undecided between the classic photovoltaic panels and the most innovative systems of photovoltaic roof like solar tiles, know that there is no right choice! It all depends on your needs and the conditions in which you are going to install the system.

Thesolar roof tilesthey are a must if you have difficulty obtaining the permit for installing the solar system on the roof of your house. Thesolar roof tilesthey are a novelty on the market and therefore more captivating, however solar panels are a well-known reality and therefore safer because they have already been tested for years. In both cases, you will have to choose products covered by the manufacturer's warranty in order to obtain the replacement of the tiles (or cells) that have possibly lost their production yield. When it comes to solar shingles, the pitch of your roof is extremely important.

If you have a south-facing roof that has no obstructions (shaded areas), the choice ofsolar roof tilesit is excellent: if a conventional photovoltaic roof can be at least minimally oriented, the solar tiles cannot be oriented in any way.

Another consideration to make concerns the type of insulation of your roof: with solar tiles it will be necessary to install an insulating layer to avoid direct overheating of the roof. If your roof is perfectly insulated, no further adjustments will be required, on the contrary, you have to take into account the extra expense of setting up an insulation layer.

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