The electric bus that recharges at the stop

The electric bus that recharges at the stop

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The State of Utah today can boast of having the first and only one electric bus which charges wirelessly. L'electric bus is the result of a project carried out by the State University of Utah, an important research organization in North America. The vehicle is also the first of its kind to achieve high standards for the electric mobility.

The Vice President of the State University of Utah (USU), Robert T. Bhunin, said that theelectric bus represents "A historic milestone, a great leap forward in the field of electrical science and engineering applied to means of transport". It is difficult not to agree with Vice President Bhunin, the USU team of researchers has shown that it is possible to obtain an electrical efficiency of over 90% to carry out electric recharges wirelessly.

L'electric bus is called Aggie Bus, you can recharge without wires so what? What is its innovation?
If wireless charging of the electric cars private may seem like just a whim when it comes to a electric bus becomes a need: the bus having to make predefined stops, could recharge itself during its journey. In simpler words, theelectric bus stops persso a sort of "pitstop " where a grid will recharge the vehicle's batteries.

The USU team of researchers has also solved the maintenance problem. The technology of wireless charging comprising considerable savings on plug-in charging systems, this is because the bus driver will not have to manually move any cables in order to avoid any probability of failure. The technology of wireless charging it eliminates the problem of bulky cables and is highly resistant to bad weather.

With a reliable power grid, the Aggie bus it can work all day guaranteeing the same runs as a traditional one bus of diesel line. The Aggie electric bus is ready to go! For now, it runs on the university campus but the USU is planning a series of demonstrations in order to spread its technology. By taking the technology off the university campus, Utah could boast of having created the most advanced electric transportation system in the Globe.

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