How to become an Energy manager

How to become an Energy manager

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The energy manager is a professional figure who in recent years has been gaining momentum thanks to environmental sensitivity. Its presence is mandatory within companies and public bodies that annually measure high levels of energy consumption to avoid that waste can negatively affect the environment.

This professional figure, of a scientific nature, was introduced with the law 10/91 with the aim of optimizing and improve the use of energy by public administrations. Although the law provides for this figure only for large industries, even small and medium-sized enterprises have recently been relying onenergy manager to optimize their energy consumption.

How to become an Energy manager. Educational qualification
To become one, there are no specific courses at university level, which can be oriented towards architectural, engineering or environmental background degrees. However, there are several masters that focus on the training of this profession.

How to become an Energy manager. Training courses
Alternatively, there are courses at highly qualifying public institutions. L'AENEAS, an Italian public body that operates in the fields of energy, the environment and new technologies in support of competitiveness and sustainable development policies, offers training and refresher courses forenergy manager. Also there FIRE, the Italian Federation for the rational use of energy, proposes itself in this regard. The two associations organize courses throughout the national territory and last 5 days, allowing a useful tool to find work. In fact, those who participate in these courses enter a system available to companies that are looking for the figure of a Energy manager.

This is a list where the participant's name, surname, educational qualification, residence, telephone number and email address are entered. There is no doubt that the crisis is raging in the world of work, but it is also true that the environmental sensitivity with a view to energy waste is increasing. In this perspective, it is worth moving towards a profession more than ever in line with the needs of the offer.

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