Let's clean up the Mini World: children discover recycling in Minitalia

Let's clean up the Mini World: children discover recycling in Minitalia

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With Legambiente you can clean the world, but you can also clean the minimworld: it depends on the size of the world in question and the age of the good cleaners. Let's clean the MiniWorld is a fun and informative simulation of Let's clean the world dedicated to children, organized for Saturday September 22 from Legambiente to Minitalia of Capriate San Gervasio, in the province of Bergamo, with the patronage of Lombardy region.

The proportions change, but the message remains the same, with new ambassadors. To speak out through Let's clean the MiniWorld of the campaign to protect the naturalistic and environmental heritage they are in fact over 300 children from local schools, which inaugurate a month of September dedicated to the environment and children in the scenario of Minitalia Leolandia.

The children, divided into teams led by 2 teachers each, will have the Legambiente kits available (hat, gloves, harnesses, flag and some gadgets) and they will have to clean up Minitalia from the rubbish previously spread by a group of irresponsible adults.

Once all the garbage has been collected, the little friends of the environment with the help of Consortia National for the collection, recycling and recovery of packaging (COMIECO for paper, CIAL for aluminum, COREVE for glass, COREPLA for plastic, RELEASE for wood e RECREATE for steel), they will learn to differentiate waste and they will discover how new materials useful for everyday life can be born from objects that are no longer needed.

Saturday 22 September to Minitalia Leolandia of Capriate will also happen the award ceremony of the competition "What recycling face are you?", organized by the park in collaboration with national consortia for the collection, recycling and recovery of packaging and the help of the company Panasonic.

Until September 16th, indeed, Minitalia Leolandia will be animated by 6 funny ones photolocation dedicated to recycling of paper, aluminum, glass, plastic, wood and steel. Guests can take a photo of themselves in one or more locations by completing the comic that is in each of these with a sentence aboutimportance of recycling. The consortia will select the 5 most creative and fun photos and phrases of each station, and will reward the protagonists with useful objects but above all from the world of recycling.

To remember: the guests of Minitalia Leolandia in the month of September they will be able to guarantee a free return in October (just fill in the postcard found at the park) on the occasion of HalLEOween, the witches' party to be laughed at Minitalia Leolandia.

Minitalia Leolandia it can be reached from the A4 (MI-VE) motorway, Capriate, Bergamo exit. Info: 02.9090169

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