BMW electric bike

BMW electric bike

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BMW is certainly not the first carmaker to launch a line of electric vehicles but it's nice to see a giant like BMW enter the clean mobility sector with electric cars like the BMW i3 e electric bikes as the " the Pedelecs“.

The i Pedelec (Pedal Electric Cycle) is configured as the perfect complement to the BMW i3. It can be stored in the boot of the BMW i3 in the blink of an eye, without any effort. This too is nothing new, both the Fiat 500 and the minimal icon car, the Mini Cooper, they can boast of having bike complementary that fit perfectly into the rear compartment of the car.


To precede the presentation of the new one i Pedelec Electric Bicycle of bicycles we have seen many proposals from car manufacturers. FromeBike Smart until the presentation of the most recent and exclusive Audi Worthersee.

  • Smart eBike (on sale this June)
  • Mini bicycle, tailored for the Mini Cooper (already on the market)
  • Fiat Pop bicycle (already on the market)
  • Peugeot bicycle (prototype)
  • RAD-e by Opel (prototype)
  • Audi Wörthersee (prototype)

There BMW, to allow its loyal customers to experiment the world of electric mobility day by day, he developed a 360 ° Electric package. The presentation took place in London in conjunction with the update of the i3 concept car and the electric bicycle i Pedelec Electric Bicycle. There BMW electric bike it is not only pedal assisted but it is also foldable, which is why it can be conveniently stored in the luggage of the car! For all photos and technical specifications, see the captions of the photo gallery.


Video: BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter (May 2022).


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