Man is the author of the evils of nature

Man is the author of the evils of nature

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The photographer Nicolas Wickström decided to capture animal abuse under a "new light", This time the center of the lens will not be vivisected monkeys or malnourished dogs, the subject is man and the photos are high emotional impact.


There are countless studies that prove the sensitivity of animals. Animals, just like humans, are sentient beings, capable of feeling pain, expressing emotions and developing a certain intelligence. Despite this, episodes of abuse continue to occur, real abominations.

The animal abuse they happen every day and everywhere: in people's homes, between the walls of laboratories, within the walls of a ring for dog fights… but they also happen where our imagination does not reach: in regions that are apparently unspoiled; here the abuse comes in the form of global warming.


The most trivial example is given by drilling in the Arctic that endanger bears, seals and many other animals. Then what about trawling, tuna and the numerous marine species ravaged by pollution that has reached polluting figures? Another plague of our century are the intensive farming, cruelty to animals ed harmful emissions for the environment. Man is the architect of the evils of nature. Let's see it in the photo gallery of Nicolas Wickström.


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