Solar panels, home disposal

Solar panels, home disposal

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Are your solar panels to be thrown away? Nothing simpler. A free domestic service was born for it disposal of panels photovoltaics at the end of their life cycle.

The project was made official through a Agreement between Cobat, the National Collection and Recycling Consortium and Silea S.p.A., with the approval and support of the Department of the Environment of the Province of Lecco. A free service household intended for homes located in the province of Lecco who want to get rid of obsolete modules.

A eco-sustainable project functional to recover the raw materials contained in the systems installed by private individuals. This will prevent bad disposal of the old panels and the consequent environmental damage. The project involves the disposal of the modules in all its phases: collection, treatment and disposal. Citizens will only have to find the obsolete modules uninstalled.

The Silea company will provide for the collection of panels, according to the forecasts it will involve about 20,684 modules, while the Consortium will arrange for disposal in authorized plants.

At the moment, the initiative will only concern the province of Lecco but it is expected to extend the project throughout the national territory. A delicate environmental issue is addressed for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment of category 4 of WEEE.

The Agreement anticipates the new one Directive of the European Parliament concerning end-of-life photovoltaic modules in category 4 of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). An agreement (IV Conto Energia) which sets the time limit for the companies supplying the photovoltaic modules they will have to join disposal consortia in order to take advantage of state incentives.

With the exponential increase in photovoltaics the disposal of panels obsolete becomes a problem and this initiative responds promptly to the environmental needs and those of citizens.

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