Solar energy for Roman schools

Solar energy for Roman schools

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The roofs of Roman school buildings will soon be covered with photovoltaic systems, a decisive turning point towards sustainability and energy saving that will make Rome, not only the political capital of the boot but also the energy one. To kick off the sunburn of the Roman schools was the mayor Gianni Alemanno who, as part of the three-year program of public works provided for in the plan "Rome Capital 2011-2013", Inaugurated the works involving the installation of solar panels on all municipal school buildings; 524 plants will thus be installed for a total of 8Mw of energy produced. Clean energy which in the next 25 years will save 132,500 tons of carbon dioxide.

There sunburn of the Capitoline schools has a total cost of 30 million euros, but the Municipality of Rome will not even put a cent. The whole operation will be financed by companies that will provide for the installation, maintenance and management of the installations. According to company plans, the initial investment will be fully recovered over the next 25 years. The companies have implemented this project financing system taking into account the great potential of solar and profit margins: investors will be able to sell the energy surplus generated by the panels, feeding electricity into the local network. I design the capitoline sunburn will be divided into two phases, during the first photovoltaic systems will be installed on the roofs of school buildings, the second phase involves the solar panels inside cemeteries, for a total power of 4.2 MW and an investment of 15 million euros.

Rome will become a large photovoltaic power plant"-Comments Mayor Alemmanno-"This is the largest photovoltaic project on public buildings in Italy. By 30 June 2012 the schools involved will produce energy that will allow the municipal coffers to save enormously and the city to produce clean energy. All the savings will then be used for the realization of new projects, thus allowing to finance new works in schools and cemeteries

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