Washbasin height: how to find the ideal size

Washbasin height: how to find the ideal size

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Discuss thewashbasin height it's possible? Yes, for example if one member of the couple is very tall and the other very short. Or if there are those who prefer a wall-hung washbasin and the other on the wall. There are some rules that can also be ignored but that it is good to know to get an idea. We will read them and then see how to find the ideal size of the sink for each of us. Case by case, from house to house. There is in fact a range of washbasin height standard but depending on the type of healthcare and the type of users, anything can happen.

Washbasin height from the ground

According to the "golden rule" ofwashbasin height, it should stand approximately 80 cm above the floor level, with a tolerance of 5 cm above or below. It is not a figure given according to general common sense, precise details have been made anthropomorphic studies verifying that this quota on average can fit most human beings.

I wonder if there are other standards in other countries, for example in Northern Europe where theaverage height it is different from that of the Italians. Could you answer me? It is also true that today we are all citizens of the world so even for the share of the sink, there are no borders.

Let's go back to our home sink. In addition to an indication on theheight, standards they suggest that we position it as we wish but in a way that on one side and on the other there are at least 20 cm free and 60 cm deep. It has nothing to do with a person's height, it is a question of ease of use.

Height of washbasin for the disabled

We find everything around, different heights, without rules, but it is not a question of rebellion, the fact is that from time to time you have to think and understand what is the right washbasin height for the occasion. In a family of short people it is useless to decide for 85 cm when you can put it in 75 cm and all live more serene. Conversely, it is true for a family of all tall people from one meter and 80 upwards.

There may also be an age issue to be assessed with the presence of children in the house that, it is true that they will grow, but as children they will have to be comfortable with the sink, especially if they have a bathroom or a dedicated sink.Another case to keep in mind is that of the sink height for people with disabilities who need a correct height in a way that they can also be independent inuse of the sink.

Almost all bathroom schemes designed for disabled indicate as measurements for the height of the door handles 85-95 cm from the ground, instead, the height of the washbasin indicates a maximum height of 80 cm from the floor, measured from the upper edge of the sanitary ware. Furthermore, it is essential that the tap is lever-operated

Bathroom sink height

It seems like a joke, or an obviousness, but thewashbasin height is one of the most important choices to make when you need to design a bathroom because the degree of usability of spaces and the effective practicality of the whole room. It is true that how you fit them on the map is also important, but if you get the height wrong, you are condemned to a perennial back pain.

As I mentioned, gods can also light up quarrels around height, if a spouse is 2 meters high, he will want a 90 cm washbasin, if a spouse is 1.50 high, he will obviously prefer a sanitary set at a height of 75 cm. In general it does not go below 70 cm even if there are children in the house who can help themselves with supports and then…. grow up quickly and well

There is also the question of the guest bathroom and the washbasin hotel rooms, or public toilets. In these cases we rely on the calculated standard not knowing what kind of guests or users will come to wash their hands and face from time to time.

Wall washbasin height

The type of washbasin we have in mind also affects thewashbasin height. We need to understand how it fits into the rest of the furniture. We can imagine a wall-mounted washbasin but there are also those in the column, with a fixed and defined height, and then there are wall-hung or countertop washbasin. In this case we are really free to decide where we want to put our sink and why.

Washbasin height: how to find the ideal size

With what has been said so far, we have certainly understood that the height of the sink to be decided is not a small detail, and the decision should not be taken lightly, indeed, all of them should be evaluated personal, general variables, technical and also rightly aesthetic. However, it is very important as a choice because it is a question of correct posture or less

An important element that we have not yet mentioned is if we are redoing the bathroom, and not doing it from scratch. In this case we will also have to take into account hydraulic connections already present so we don't have to redo everything with holes in the wall, tiles to replace, a lot of dust and complications.

It seems trivial now that you write it with a cold mind but often you forget of this and we approach the idea of ​​making a new bathroom with a revolutionary air. And then you find yourself paying almost double because moving the attacks is not a trivial expense and can even lead to having to redo the tiles.

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