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Expo 2015, a breath of fresh air for Milanese companies

Expo 2015, a breath of fresh air for Milanese companies

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The optimism of Milanese companies starts to grow again in view of theExpo 2015. Almost one in two companies (about 40%) will increase sales, production and turnover.

This is how the popularity of Expo rises and the Milanese say they are happy to host such an event: the 2010 polls saw entrepreneurs interested inMilan Expo 2015 and when asked to give a grade on a scale from 1 to 10, the evaluation of importance was 8.2. A rating that rose to almost 9 in 2011 (rating of 8.8) and will grow again in 2012. In short, the closer the event approaches, the more the activities in Milan see the concreteness of profit.

Carlo Sagalli, president of the Milan Chamber of Commerce, expressed the enthusiasm of the commercial activities:
”We are gradually emerging from the climate of pessimism caused by this great crisis. -he added- Prime Minister Monti's words of hope in Munich who envision a solution to the economic difficulties are confirmed by the renewed interest of companies in Expo. A greater involvement of the world of small and medium-sized enterprises is of particular importance, which otherwise risk perceiving the Expo as a passive event. The tables for Expo coordinated by the president of Promos Ermolli go precisely in this direction "

The growth of interest that companies have inMilan Expo 2015 is directly proportional to their direct involvement in the planning of the event. The preliminary stages, in fact, involved 37% of local businesses in 2011. This means that more than one in three companies is involved in the design;
The need to create transport and infrastructure services should not be underestimated, a sector that has not received major requests for at least three years. The data was collected through a survey by the Milan Chamber of Commerce, where Digicamere interviewed 400 Milanese companies.

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