Vanilla flavored orange liqueur

Vanilla flavored orange liqueur

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Citrus fruits, with their lively scent and colors, are perfect fruits for flavoring homemade liqueurs based on grappa or alcohol; even better if accompanied by ingredients such as vanilla and cinnamon. Today we will see together how to prepare an exquisite vanilla flavored orange liqueur.

It is a maceration liqueur, very simple to make and the ingredients are also easy to find:
-9 oranges, preferably organic
-250 g of sugar
-300 ml of 95 ° alcohol
-500 ml of water
-1/4 of vanilla pod

Wash the oranges and do it with great care especially if they are not organic; the oranges are often covered with pesticides or waxes, so a more thorough washing is recommended. Peel the oranges very finely, removing only the outer peel, without removing the white part that acts as a substrate to the orange one. Place the cut rinds and the vanilla in a jar large enough to accommodate the alcohol. The jar must be fitted with an airtight seal.

The orange peel and vanilla must macerate for ten days at the end of which, you can prepare a syrup by dissolving the sugar in a saucepan with water. While the syrup heats up - it will have to boil for 5 minutes - take a fine mesh strainer and filter the alcohol. Bottle it and add the syrup that will have finished its five minutes of boiling. Attention, before being consumed, it is recommended to let it rest vanilla flavored orange liqueur for about a month.

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