Concordia is an environmental alarm for the Giglio

Concordia is an environmental alarm for the Giglio

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The environmental alarm for the island of Giglio is about to go off. There Costa Concordia, the giant of the sea shipwrecked on the night of January 13, risks contaminating the surrounding environment despite the precautions taken by the technicians. The marvelous Tuscan marine park could suffer irreparable damage if the works were not successful. The works of fuel recovery they left yesterday morning at six and have suffered numerous breaks due to atmospheric agents and searches for missing persons still in progress. It is the Dutch company Smit Salvage that takes care of the ship's fuel recovery Concordia. After long days of studies and planning, the Costa Concordia commissioned the Dutch company which as a first step had to prepare the barge to be used as a base for collecting the oil left in the ship's tanks.

The ship's tanks contain fuel solid state, therefore the experts of the Smit Salvage they will first have to check the state of the fuel. The actual pumping operations will begin on Saturday morning. Smit Salvage plans to recover the diesel contained in six bins in the first instance to ensure the pumping 50% of the fuel. In total, the tons of diesel to be recovered are 2,400. Meanwhile, the search for others is continuing missing. The scenario is tragic from an environmental plan that of human resources: according to a Ukrainian family, the missing are more than those declared, according to their testimony, on board the Concordia there was also the son who worked illegally.

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